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Take a moment to consider this; Is the American Muslim Convert Community Headed for Extinction? By all accounts, it certainly seems like a possibility. If people like you and I do not act, the American Muslim convert community, already a largely forgotten part of the American Muslim population, could be headed for near extinction. Here’s why.

  • American Muslim converts to Islam are one of the most understudied, under-finaced, and misunderstood demographics of the American Muslim population.
  • The specific challenges and trials of converts to Islam in general, and Black American Muslim coverts in particular, are often ignored, unaddressed, or overlooked.
  • Many people convert to Islam in the United States, but for every ten people who convert to Islam, ten other people end up leaving Islam.
  • Black American Muslim converts struggle with historic and institutional racism, islamophobia, coupled with racial bias, coupled with indifference and marginalization within the greater Muslim community.
  • New Masjid construction of mosques that serve the needs of converts are at a near standstill.

    For more than 30 years, I've interacted closely and side by side with American converts to Islam (Black White and Hispanic), as an Imam, a teacher, a counselor, and an activist- advocate, and even as a father figure for many.
    I’ve seen and listened to their stories, witnessed their joys and successes, and gave shahaadas to hundreds of people over the years, and I’ve also witnessed first-hand the slow and gradual decline of the convert community. New Muslims are feeling, left out, and on their own. Masaajid that cater to converts or understand their specific needs are getting harder to find. Through the countless testimonies by new Muslims about loneliness, marginalization, confusion by sectarianism, splintering, and even extremism, I am convinced now more than ever, that we as Muslims have a moral and a civilizational obligation to address the condition and particular challenges faced by the American Muslim convert.

If you are a convert to Islam, then you know all too well what I’m talking about. If your family has been Muslim for generations, then you should  know what your new Muslim family is going through and do your part to assist them. This is why we started Mosque Without Borders, and this is why we desperately need your help. 

Mosque Without Borders tackles these challenges head on through research, creating awareness, grassroots interaction, teaching, and problem solving. But we can't do it without the help of people like you. Your generous and faithful donation will:

  • ·  Help non-convert Muslim communities to understand the specific challenges of their new brother and sisters to Islam, and how it affects all Muslim Americans.
    ·  Help us educate American Muslim converts to Islam about how they can navigate through the complexity of challenges they face being new Muslims
    ·  Raise awareness and help educate the Muslim community at large about these issues.
    ·  Help us do important and necessary research to pinpoint and isolate the causes for this decline.
    ·  Assist in intelligent problem solving by understanding our situational realities, and applying moral, practical and realistic solutions using the Quran and the sunna.

    ·  Fund our ad campaign for creating awareness about the plight of our precious convert community.

We need your financial support to help fund our work for positive change.. Let Allah inspire you to make a generous, faithful and tax-deductible donation to Mosque Without Borders by clicking here
Jazaaka Allahu khairan.

Imam Luqman Ahmad,
President, Mosque Without Borders

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We rely on substantial support from generous people like yourself who care to make a difference in the way their community is run. MWB depends on the generosity of benefactors like you. Thanks for helping us raise funds, every cent you decide to contribute makes a big difference in the world.

Zakaat Fund

Mosque Without Borders offers charitable assistance to single, divorced, widowed, and homeless Muslim women in the Sacramento Area. We rely on your Zakaat donations click here to make your donation

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