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  • About MWB

    Our Approach


    We take a principled and objective approach to convert Muslim advocacy and problem solving. Starting with intellectual freedom and honesty, and freedom of religious thought and analysis. 

    Mosque Without Borders  fighting for the survival and well being of the American Muslim Convert community. We ask Allah for strength, and faith because we know this is a difficult topic. 

    We're taking the conversation about racism and convert marginalization, past the conversation.  

    In order to understand, address and combat the problem of convert marginalization, racial bias, oppression, the problems between immigrant and convert communities,  and how it shapes our reality, must remain true to Islam and to the principle of truth, fairness, and justice.  

    Our Mission

     Our aim is to be a shield, an advocate, an ally, and a safe place for American Muslim converts, especially those who are left out and abandoned. 

    It's time to turn our attention towards our inner civilizational challenges that demand that we as Muslims step up and look at ourselves, to see where we can improve, see where we're causing damage, and correct our mistakes. That's what islam is all about.  

    Change is difficult, and these are sensitive conversation that are fraught with denial, indignation, fear, embarrassment, and even shame. But we're willing to fight for change. . 

    The societal standard of fraternity and equality of ethnicities, peoples and races set by the Prophet and codified in our Book (The Quran) demands that we take the bold step of being honest with ourselves. Sometimes that takes time.

    In the meantime, Mosque Without Borders as begun the resistance.