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About MWB

Who We Are


Mosque Without Borders is a nonprofit research and issue organization that focuses on real life challenges and issues faced by American Muslim converts to Islam, and the impact that it on their islam. We do this through research, candid intrepid  analysis of our condition, and coming up with viable advices and solutions. 


Our Mission


In the year 2018, we in the United States are a divided country, and we in Muslim America are indeed a divided ummah. Divided by race, ethnicity, sect, madhhab and politics. Race is the single most divisive and controversial issue in the United States and racism and race relations amongst Muslims has made its way to the forefront of our domestic conversation amongst ourselves. It poses to be the most challenging issue of our time for Muslim Americans. 

It's time to turn our attention towards our inner civilizational challenges that demand that we as Muslims step up . 

Change is difficult, and these are sensitive conversation that are fraught with denial, indignation, fear, embarrassment, and even shame. The societal standard of fraternity and equality of ethnicities, peoples and races set by the Prophet and codified in our Book (The Quran) demands that we take the bold step of being honest with ourselves. 

The Mission of Mosque Without Borders is to help move this conversation along, through awareness, research and analysis, and to help provide solutions to these pressing civilizational dilemmas. 

Our approach


We are issue mavericks. Our approach begins with courage, honesty, and scholarly integrity. We take an honest look at the conditions and challenges that Convert Muslims in America face, and candidly address these conditions using guidance from the Quran and Sunna, and applying scholarly attention with an intimate understanding our society and the socio-nuances  that affect how we practice Islam. 

We believe that Muslims should be honest about our challenges with racism, sectarianism, and the growing chasm between immigrant Muslim communities, and American Muslim converts.


We also work of issues relating to sectarianism and how that affects Muslims in the United States. We help bridge the widening gap between immigrant Muslim communities and new converts to Islam. Muslim communities to help them understand the needs and specific issues relating to Muslim converts. 

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