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Why American Convert Communities are Becoming Extinct

To put it bluntly, American Muslim convert communities in the United States, or what’s left of them, are headed for possible extinction. Well, perhaps not total extinction but certainly headed for nearly total marginalization and at risk to nearly disappear into thin air. This is a tough topic and at this juncture, it is still pretty much taboo to speak about it in candid terms. The mere fact that people like myself and many other Muslims are starting to address the issue of convert marginalization, is unsettling for a lot of people. More

What Mosque Without Borders is Doing

Research: Not enough research has been conducted concerning Black American Muslim and converts to Islam and the specific problems they encounter post conversion, both as individuals and as a demographic. While there are volumes of statistical data, research and academic studies detailing nearly every aspect of the lives of Black Americans, very little data has been gathered about Black, White or Latino American Muslim converts to Islam. A lot of what we know are anecdotal accounts gathered from Muslim converts, Imams, Muslim activists. However, more work is needed to address the sometimes complex challenges of the American Muslim convert. 

Raising Awareness:  There is still a lot of work to be done in raising awareness in the greater mostly immigrant Muslim community about racism, bigotry, marginalization and the specific needs of converts Muslims after they enter Islam, and there still a whole lot that American converts themselves need to understand about how things mitigate the many sometimes unhealthy influences and obstacles they face as new Muslims in practicing Islam. 

Problem Solving: There is no doubt that Islam does offer solutions for many of the specific social problems that impact the lives of Muslim American converts, particularly those that live in the inner cities of America. However, it requires more than quoting scripture, or giving someone a prayer rug, a few books, and sending them on their way.  While we maintain that many of the solutions that we need can be found in our faith, we’ve also realize that you can't simply throw Islam at a problem and bingo! Everything is solved. That's not how it works. We need to employ intelligent approaches and situational specific problem solving. 

Donations to Mosque Without Borders are zakat eligible.

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Our work at Mosque Without Borders is entirely funded by people like you who believe that the time has come for Muslim Americans to have open and honest conversations with ourselves about issues like racism amongst Muslims, sectarianism and its divisive consequences, and the growing chasm between the two Muslim Americas (immigrants and converts). These are issues of civilizational consequence that we cannot ignore any longer. Whether you help through monetary donations, volunteering your time, or spreading our mission through word-of-mouth, thank you. We couldn't accomplish our goals without the help of supporters like you. 

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