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    Principled Advocacy. An Authentic American Islamic Approach

    Principled Advocacy For Muslim America

    Mosque Without Borders is a different kind of American Muslim Organization. In fact, we are not a big fancy organization with a lot of pizazz, we don’t even have an office or a staff. It’s just myself, Imam Luqman Ahmad and a couple of volunteers when they have time. We’re small now, but what we do is big. We tell the truth, we take honest and informed looks at Muslim America, and point out where we need to change, and where we can do better. We are an independent Muslim think tank, principled advocacy, and specialized convert after care organization. We tackle domestic Muslim American issues that affect our civilizational trafectory as American Muslims using principles of Islam and good ole American know how. We don’t play politics with the truth, we don’t cozy up to intellectual dishonesty, and we don’t ignore the obvious,  Most of the time, we are not politically correct, and yes, we speak for the oppreseed, the voiceless, the marginalized, and for Muslims who have no advocacy. We don’t mind taking heat on behalf of the overlooked and marginalized American Muslims converts or anyone else. We are intrepid, very smart, principled and dedicated advocates for American Muslim Converts to Islam. We have solutions on tap, but need a vehicle to deliver. That’s why I started Mosque Without Borders, and that why I need your help.

    Muslim Convert After Care

     Muslim Convert After Care

     When a person converts to Islam, only to face rejection, dismissed as a nobody, or treated with indifference by other Muslims, they experience unimaginable trauma. For many,It brings back memories. of post slavery America, Jim Crow and the dark days of America’s turbulent past. It’s a traumatic experience that they never  imagined would happen In Muslim America, and it happens during a time when they are most vulnerable . Many leave the religion , others manage to retreat into a corner somewhere and try to practice Islam alone,  

    The effects of conversion followed by rejection, leads to depression, confusion, anger,  disappointment and lonliness.  There are tens of thousand of American Muslim converts who are left behind, with no advocacy, no support, and no voice. Until now.

    Establishing the first American Muslim Convert After Care Center

    Why American Convert Communities are Becoming Extinct

    All Muslims Matter

    Every place in the world, where Muslims are under oppression, there are organizations, groups, advocates, armies and governments who come to their aid with money, resourses, material and tactical support, and advisory assistance, and political lobbying, to help address their particular crisis. Every group without exception, receives this courtesy. 

    Except for the American Muslim Convert community.  Read the full article

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    Our work at Mosque Without Borders is entirely funded by people like you who believe that the time has come for Muslim Americans to have open and honest conversations with ourselves about issues like racism amongst Muslims, sectarianism and its divisive consequences, and the growing chasm between the two Muslim Americas (immigrants and converts). These are issues of civilizational consequence that we cannot ignore any longer. Whether you help through monetary donations, volunteering your time, or spreading our mission through word-of-mouth, thank you. We couldn't accomplish our goals without the help of supporters like you. 

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